Hang in there


Often times, most of us encounter situations where we strive to reach a goal or simply pull ourselves together, but give up at some point of time. The result is a sense of disappointment and resentment where the blame is conveniently thrust upon an external element for the sake of our redemption. From what I have known in my own life, most of the rewarding experiences were from efforts that have gone above and beyond my comfort level, where I almost wanted to give up but decided to hang in there because I believed! These experiences have taught me to brave all bad weather and move forward for that too will pass.

These challenges visit all of us in different forms like losing job, encountering a life-threatening illness, being stuck in meaningless relationships or facing death of closed ones. In other cases, there could be lesser challenges like losing weight, getting a certain academic or professional goal under your belt or running a marathon or attempting sky diving. How can you make challenges less daunting and more acceptable?

1) When faced with a situation, bring out your positive energy and positive thought and work towards finding a solution, than finding an excuse or blaming bad fate that has befallen you. Focus on the end result that present struggle would pay off. This gives you ample confidence in the first place.

2) Fear is our biggest enemy in life, when it comes to making a change. We don’t realize that most of the fear is imaginary. What are the possible outcomes of fear? You either succumb to it and let things be or you realize it and take measures to combat it. The result of outliving your fear is, you see and feel a different life.

3) Sometimes, when you are in the bumpy ride, it might feel like a journey in darkness with no light at the end of the trail. Hang in there and tell yourself not to give up. It could be bitter, sometimes blended with extreme feelings of loneliness, desolation and helplessness. Do not try to deny these feelings or run away from them. Just give time and let things just be. Time is the biggest healer.

4) When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The fact that we alone can essentially help ourselves is a great realization when encountering difficult situations. Learn ways to toughen up and brace yourself to unfavorable circumstances in life. It helps to connect with other people or groups in the same situation facing same kind of challenges. There is a lot to learn and share when you network either through online resources or social groups that offer support and solutions.

5) Expectation that every effort should turn out to be a success can be a big deterrent in accomplishing what you have set your mind on. Failure is essential to make us well-rounded as human beings. We need to be brought back to realization of our modest existence often enough to keep us rooted. When you do any task with no expectation of results and with wholeheartedness, success and failure become nothing beyond just labels.

6) When you are going through rough terrains, it often helps to hang in there just from the realization of other lives that are also dependent on us. It becomes all the more important that we took responsibility of the situation because it makes perfect sense in the bigger scheme of things to keep ourselves and the rest of the lives going.

7) Be grateful for what you have. Cherish every moment. Counting our blessings on an everyday basis helps pull through difficult moments. Often times we forget to appreciate life’s small things in search of bigger ones.

In short, it is all in our minds how we perceive the situations we are in. It is simply our attitude that defines our course of life!