Everything is alright

           The other day, while driving down the familiar road to drop off my daughter at her school, I noticed the joggers and walkers I usually see in the mornings pass by, and something in me reminded that ‘Everything is Alright’. Many of them, I know only by face and some I have personally known for years, but they all contribute to the sense of rhythm, that things are going on just the way they should be! Isn’t it queer that we all pass through hundreds of these moments everyday, still seem unaware of them and take them for granted?! These are, in fact the spokes of the wheel  we call LIFE. When I pay no attention, all things of true value go uncelebrated, like cherish my great childhood, relish the bitter sweetness of motherhood or enjoy the journey of womanhood.

2013-06-15 12.22.19                   

            Often times, I remind myself to notice and appreciate everyday life that has only been fair to me, from the morning cup of hot coffee I sip in my family’s company while I fix their breakfast, to the sight of my daughter’s curly head  from underneath the  blankets in the stillness of night. As if these daily assurances were not enough, I had been on the look out for something spectacular to happen. What more spectacular can it get than being able to share a laughter with your kids, to have the love of friends and family, to be able to hear the birds chirp, and see the splendid colors of spring! And when you hear your mom’s voice from miles away on the phone every weekend, or make the trip to your siblings’ to share little something and pretty much everything, you don’t appreciate the fact that things are still alright, because you have not yet felt and known ‘loss’.

           So the question is, do you want to wait till the everyday moments slip by, only to realize too late that those were exactly what you have been looking for in the bottomless pit of infinite darkness? There are very few people that we come across, who seem to have everything going ‘right’ for them . It is as if we thrive in complaining  about the seeming dearth in terms of wealth, love, happiness, attention, power, achievement and you name it…..the list is endless. How often has this truth hit us in the core that so many around us are  severely  under-privileged in more ways than one?  The farthest we go in terms of validating our better fortune in life’s big scheme of things, is just a fleeting stroke of vague recognition.
Our cribbing selves let days, months and years go by, as if nothing worthwhile happened, until one day it is not there any more, and all of a sudden it becomes precious.

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         Our imaginations have equipped our minds to travel to the extent of creating for ourselves a pseudo world that is so detached from reality. There is a meaning and purpose to life when you truly imbibe the everyday ordinariness and live it to the full like it is your last day. I find my ground in being conscious of life, love and peace around me that so many of our unfortunate counterparts in many parts of the world die dreaming of. 

           Once again, when I see from my kitchen window, the pile of leaves my husband just raked, or I open the door to a friend beaming with a bowl of fresh, home-made food in hand, I know too well to nod with  gratitude for the innumerable gifts life  bestowed on me. I am only too glad to share this blessing and see the contentment of ‘Everything is Alright’ in the eyes of another human being, or any living soul for that matter!