Realistically Optimistic

“It is not what happens to you in life , but your attitude towards what happens that matters!”

This saying comes to mind when I see pessimistic people blaming their bad luck that for some reason finds a way into their lives at every beck and call. Why is it that some people are more inclined to think negative than being optimistic. Is it easy to cultivate a positive outlook in life?  Is it nature or nurture or both? Well, I think both. As with any trait, we can certainly condition our mind to think positive and take responsibility of our actions and situations and move on without playing the blame game.

Optimism, by itself is a passive quality that cannot come into fruition unless coupled with result-yielding qualities like hard work, perseverance and determination. It is a catalyst that adds to the quality of any endeavor you undertake. The usage of this word seems very clichéd, but one doesn’t realize the power in approaching anything in life with a sense of boundless energy created in positive light. Look at it this way, what has to happen and what will happen is not going to change by the way you react to it. So, why not cultivate the habit of being in a state of mind that is more congenial to your well-being. Yes, believe it or not, it is the way we think, more often than not, that can doom or save our life, rather than the real situation we are in.

We often give things a negative connotation or a distorted image due to our unrealistic expectations of how things should work from the framework of fairness set by us. And we brood and we grumble on how things have not worked as planned and spread a wave of dissatisfaction and pessimism that further hamper our chances on future accomplishments. The vicious cycle continues and the victim is in the whirlpool of constant anger and discontent.

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Dab an ounce of optimism or positive outlook in all your actions and see how life transforms.

1)      Optimists have high energy and infectious enthusiasm. They don’t envision failure in new endeavors and are always willing to venture into new forays of life with a child-like spirit. They are ready to strive for better, because they believe in possibilities.

2)      They don’t see challenges or even crisis as problems. Those are only means to guide them into a different path or help them become stronger. Obstacles in fact, are part of their learning process in life.

3)      Mind is a powerful tool in determining a person’s well-being.  Chronic negativity can cause conditions like depression, anxiety and stress. Optimists must most certainly maintain better health and experience contentment, due to their minds’ disposition!

4)      People prefer to be around a more cheerful and content person than being with a whiny wimp. Being optimistic goes a long way into making and keeping friends for the positive vibes spread.

5)      This trait should most certainly equip a person with better immunity that helps cope with unforeseen or unfortunate events. At the face of calamities, they are unfazed by their bad fortune and take action to fight back with more verve and vigor.

The inference is, realistically optimistic is a quality we can acquire by practice. The reason I say realistically optimistic is, you need to realize for instance that, building castles in the air without any effort, doesn’t yield any result. Optimism is like an energy pill. It helps you traverse the unexpected rough terrains in life. It can be practiced by being more mindful through meditation and mindfulness.  There is more energy flowing in the body through the deep inhalations and exhalations felt in stillness. Make it a daily habit to enter in your mind’s diary at least two things you are grateful for and two ways you can make a positive difference in someone’s life, by way of a look or compliment or words of encouragement. Strive for the best; be prepared for the worst. A conscious awareness and readiness to accept life’s ups and downs wards off any negative feeling that may sprout. There is a sense of positivity that comes with the knowing that failures are only stepping stones to success. Do not get disheartened, be on the go, for you need to enjoy the journey as you aspire to reach sweet destination!