Cruise On

Enjoying a sip under my “CRY” hat                                               Photo credits: Rashmi Kheni

The much hyped-about cruise trip was almost coming to an end. After 5 days of witnessing and experiencing gluttony and extravagance,we were more than ready to debark, an average of 5 pounds heavier than when we embarked. Post glory and gloating in the West Caribbean bound cruise with fun-loving friends, reality struck on our drive back home. This time there was exhaustion in place of excitement. There was also a sense of relief and hope of finally tasting my home made rasam and curd rice and revel in its simplicity! The great catastrophe was yet to strike the entire family on our home-bound journey, though ‘catastrophe’ would be a slight exaggeration 🙂

Little did I know when hubby dear plonked down on the bed that he had no intention to get up from there for the next 3 days, rather he was unable to. My kids were not to be spared either from the attack of microorganisms that we decided to bring home as souvenirs. The thermometer literally traveled from one mouth to the next. I transformed overnight into a la Florence Nightingale- a coughing one at that. I am starting to wonder what kind of life must it have been for the real Florence Nightingale. How did she survive it all? Well, the following days saw doctor’s visits lined up and increasingly dwindling resources of my medicine cabinet. Come night, the stage is set for duet cough performance by my husband and I, resembling a jugalbandhi of sorts, that could put the maestros to shame! If there is a term called coughomaniac, we should be awarded the best coughomaniac couples. Days are busily scheduled with usual rounds of gargling, steaming, humidifying and gulping down pills after a meal of hot soup, yet through this all, none of the social media indulgence was to suffer. Facebook profile updated – check, Whatsapp greetings exchanged – check, long-distance calls made – check!

I accidentally spot myself in the mirror, only to realize my face is a far cry from the glam girl I posed as in the cruise. In its place, all I see is skeletal remnants reminiscent of the ruins we saw in the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza in Progreso, Mexico. During this time of distress, I was alighted by life’s small joys like when my thoughtful daughter gifted me a set of 6 essential oils proving how well she had read my mind. Thank God for daughters! I also found my favorite “CRY” hat that I gave up hope of finding after incessant search. I had thought I lost it to the bowels of the ocean when it decided to resurface out of no where. I cried out of joy just the way I did after spotting that vibrant, florescent fish swerving in and out of a perfectly folded coral reef off the coast of Cozumel. Talk about life’s simple pleasures!

As I am snuggled up in my blanket in the living room sofa this New Year of 2017, I am reminded of yin and yang – the theory of opposites, the concept of balance. Just like we thrive in life’s luxuries, happiness and sunny side, we should also be ready to embrace the downside, the little inconveniences and the pain. This too shall pass. At least there is solace that it is only physical!


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