When you think of success what comes to mind first could be any or all of these: A well-paying job, which could be better paying, a big house which could have been bigger, a luxurious car with better features than your colleague’s and so on. You might have lost yourself in the process of reaching there. But who cares! You are successful in the eyes of the world. What you are in your own eyes ceases to exist at some point of time in your attempt to “fit-in”! That is all that matters-fitting in!!

Once my daughter brought home a poster from her art work in school where she said, “Success comes from the heart”, that did pull some strings in my heart! I couldn’t agree with it more, though we fail to assimilate the true essence behind this thought as convenient as it always is. Would a mother be ever called successful for solely raising children with conscience, unless she also contributes in the financial front, would an artist be labeled successful for the artistry in his piece alone sans the price tag? Chances are that 9 out of 10 people would go behind success defined by next door neighbor, as all he wants is to look successful in the other person’s book of accounts. Weren’t many of our most famous scientists and artists in history who dared to defy conventions and stuck to their true passion, sometimes at the cost of their lives, successful in life? Did we forget that the world we live today has been built on the sweat and toil of these invincible spirits? It takes true inner courage to stand by what you believe in and live a life of fulfillment!

We need more in our society that defies the conventional concept of success and dares to build success on their instincts, their true calling of the heart. Success should follow you, not the other way around: it seeks the one who does his job with sincerity, with purpose, from an anonymous earth-loving farmer to the nation’s most famous nuclear scientist! Let success not be a one size fits all shoe that takes you on a journey of false achievements. I rather it be a custom made shoe that fits me and me alone!!



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