Case of a missing shoe

Something missing!

As I sped past the usually commuted highway for the 1000th time, I noticed something that was out of the ordinary. A shoe on the curbside cast away, forlorn, neglected. Just a single shoe without its pair. The sight brought a sudden knot to my throat as thoughts not very pleasant crossed my mind. Could it have been from an accident where the shoe of the victim was thrown mercilessly off its owner, or could it be that it flew off from behind a speeding truck where memories are packed as part of a moving venture, or may be a lonesome side-walker had to desert it in an attempt to run away from a predator. Whatever it was, the sight of the lonely shoe brought eerie and discomforting thoughts.

I drove on the same road next day and saw the same shoe unclaimed and still intact as if to remind of many bitter truths of life. I still wondered, ” why just one shoe, where is the other pair”, and kept driving ahead. Third day, and the shoe was still lying there orphaned, unattended, abandoned.  It surprised me to feel the pain with the same intensity that pulled my heart’s strings the first time! It evoked in me the truth of loneliness, of separation, of transience, of negligence and heartlessness, only difference was it could have been life itself……

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