Calluses of the Weathered Mind

Calluses are formed on the skin in response to hard labor, of constant friction on one particular part of your body. It hurts in the beginning by virtue of the skin being soft and vulnerable, but eventually it renders itself harder and thicker to prevent any further pain that might ensue from further contact. That is body’s amazing way of resisting pain or discomfort.

The calluses of the mind are not any different from the body’s. The amount of abuse, grief or disappointment that our mind is subjected to, causes calluses. It is the mind’s mechanism that gives sobriety, sanity and security to brace against all adversities. These calluses hold true witness to the events that the weathered mind stood over years. They make you stronger and fearless when put through the true test of time, the test of fortitude and utmost patience. And once you wade through it all, there is more clarity and purpose to your actions from the calluses that formed since.

The souls who have experienced the pain to become only stronger, are souls of steel. They are the ones who make a difference. The ones who give in and create wounds that never heal only help spread the wave of discontent and disgruntlement and a sense of sheer insecurity not only in themselves, but to others around them. While lot of the healing has to do with the intensity of the experience one goes through or the repeated occurrence of these unpleasant events that render them helpless to stand on their own, any amount of empowerment has to start from within first. Any amount of external help is in vain, until the internal has the realization.

The times I felt dejected and blamed the situation,  I reminded myself of the hapless many around me in much worse conditions that needed more tending and nurturing. That in itself was healing enough. The times I have fallen to pieces in the past have only taught me to get right back up, and wield the bruises for a higher purpose. When I recouped and put the pieces together for the thousandth time, I smiled at the calluses caused from my healed wounds . It is only but fact that most of the pain we feel, is carried within us for an unnecessarily longer period of time, rendering us chronic whiners and depressed souls. They need to be put behind, for you have the sole power to do so. No one else can tread the path for you; the journey is solely yours to endure.

Wouldn’t you agree that there is a sense of sweet conquer when you stand upright at the face of unforeseen and difficult circumstances, be it the loss of a loved one, or abuse at the hands of supposedly loved ones, separation due to natural or unnatural means, or just sheer lack of nurturing. This alone is enough to make you a matured soul, sensitive towards others pain, touch and be touched by others. The calluses remind you of the victorious journey traversed to make you a far stronger individual at heart, yet vulnerable to make a change. Let there be calluses, not sores that succumb to the infliction and turn to wounds that stay raw and never choose to heal. Let the disappointments and adversities build a fort of sheer will power to conquer all negativity and race right through into the arms of possibilities and hope. Let us take charge and act from the unfavorable experiences in the past and turn them into the best we could strive for in the future than crumbling and dissolving to oblivion.


“When the going gets tough,

the tough gets going…..”


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